Fastighets AB Balder

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Balder and associated companies

Balder Group owns properties in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Together we work with cleaner energy, provide space for very need and the ability for colleagues to exchange experiences.

Associated companies

Balder is part owner in associated companies, here follows a brief presentation of each company. Read more about the associated companies.


Bovieran’s housing is a unique concept for those aged 55+ that stands for experience, security and social fellowship. Read more about Bovieran. 

Din bostad

Din Bostad is a subsidiary of Fastighets AB Balder and has been part of the  group organisation since 2009. Read more about Din bostad.

Sato Oyj

Sato is a property company, which has high-quality properties in excellent locations that complement Balder´s existing operations and property portfolio. Read more about Sato Oyj.

Wind power turbines

Fastighets AB Balder has continued its investment in renewable energy by  acquiring a number of wind turbines. These now number ten in total. Read more aboute Balders wind power turbines.