The owners' mission for Balder's board and management is to create value by acquiring, developing and managing residential properties and commercial properties. Fastighets AB Balder is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and adheres to the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.

Corporate governance in Swedish listed companies is governed by a combination of written rules and practice, by which the owners directly and indirectly control the company. The rules and regulations have been developed through legislation, recommendations, the Swedish Corporate Governance Code and through self-regulation.

Some of the Code’s principles are to create a good basis for exercising an active and responsible ownership role and to create a well-adjusted balance of power between owners, the Board of Directors and the executive management, which Balder views as a natural part of the principles for its operations. The Code also means that certain information should be made available on the company’s website.

Governance collective 

Balder’s Boards of Directors

Balder’s Management and Auditor

Balder’s Nomination Committee

If you're interested in reviewing Balder's corporate governance report, it is available in our Annual and sustainability report