Congratulations on your new home, and a warm welcome to Balder! As your moving-in date approaches, there are a lot of practical matters you need to consider. This is where we help you to remember everything.

Please note that other information than that stated on this page may apply in your particular residential area. Contact Customer Service if you are unsure. 


Pay the first rent

The first rent must be paid before you are given access to your apartment. We recommend that you register for direct debit (autogiro) and e-invoice to simplify the payment of rent.

You can find more general information on the pages My rent och My rental contract.

Worth knowing about the annual rental negotiations

Rents need to be adjusted regularly in order to cover the costs of operation and maintenance. This is why Balder and the Tenants’ Association conduct rental negotiations every year, and we always strive to come to an agreement. The negotiations are usually completed during the spring, and the new rents will normally appear on the rent notices as of 1 June. At this time, the rental increase for March, April and May will usually be announced retrospectively. This means that your rent notice can be higher in June, July and August. But please note that this may vary between different residential areas. Contact Customer Service if you want to find out more about the situation in your particular area.

Register for autogiro or e-invoice

Rent must be paid monthly in advance, and must be received by Balder no later than the last working day of the previous month. There are many ways to pay the rent. The most convenient are autogiro or e-invoice. You can also have your rent notice sent as a PDF file to your email address. It can take a few months before autogiro or e-invoice comes into force, so we recommend that you select a digital payment method as soon as you have signed your contract. 

Find out more about rental payments and choosing a payment method

Arrange or adjust your home insurance policy

It is mandatory that you have a home insurance policy throughout your time as a tenant here at Balder. This is because you, as tenant, can become liable to pay compensation for damage you cause in the property, whether in your apartment, in communal areas or in your neighbours’ apartments.

A home insurance policy can also provide compensation in connection with events such as fire or flooding in the property, or in the event of a break-in or vandalism.

Before you move in, it is important to make sure that your home insurance policy has been updated so that it has the correct terms and conditions for your new apartment. Double-check what kinds of claims are covered, maximum amounts, excesses and any limitations in the insurance policy.

If you don’t have a home insurance policy, you should arrange one straight away. You arrange the insurance with an insurance company of your choice, and it should come into effect from the day you move in.

Arrange electricity agreements

To ensure that you have electricity in the apartment on the day you move in, you need to sign two different agreements in advance:

  1. An electricity grid agreement. This is a fixed subscription in which you pay the licensing cost for the use of electricity in your home.
  2. An electricity trading agreement. You can take out a subscription, usually a variable agreement, with an electricity supplier of your choice.

You will have to compare prices and sign your agreement yourself. To sign your electricity agreements, you will need your agreement number (e.g. 12345-1234-12) and the Swedish Tax Agency’s apartment number (e.g. 1101). You can find both of these in your rental contract.Contact Customer Service if you are unsure.


Individual Metering and Debiting

If you are living in a newly constructed building, or a building that has undergone extensive renovation, there may be metering equipment for IMD (Individual Metering and Debiting). IMD makes it possible to measure the consumption of electricity and hot and cold water in each individual apartment. This means that you, as tenant, only pay for what you consume. In other words, you can influence your own costs, which is fair for all and good for the environment.

Consumption is billed on the rent notice with a five-month delay (the cost for January, for example, is billed on the rent notice for June). If there is IMD in your apartment, there will be an agreement negotiated with an electricity supplier, which means that you as tenant do not need to arrange your own electricity agreement. If you are unsure, look at your rental agreement or contact Customer Service.

Arrange broadband/television agreement

Most of our properties are tied to one single provider of high-speed broadband/TV. This can be Telia or Bahnhof. If you are unsure about which provider is linked to your building, you can search your address at www.bredbandsval.se. You can also contact Customer Service or your property manager to find out more.

If you are living in a building where Bahnhof is the provider, there should be a router in the apartment when you move in. If this is not the case, please call into your local management office to pick up a router. Don’t forget to take your ID when you go to pick it up. If someone other than the person whose name is on the contract goes to pick up the router, it is important that this person takes ID for both people.

If you are living in a building where Telia is the provider, the router will be delivered by post.  

Book parking space or garage

As an optional extra to your apartment, you can also rent a parking space or garage, subject to availability. Contact Customer Service if you want to find out more.

Register move and change of address

When you move out, you must register your change of address with the Swedish Tax Agency to ensure that your address is correct in the national population register. Submit your registration in advance or no later than one week after your move. The Swedish Tax Agency will notify all government agencies of your new address, and also many companies.

If you would like your post to be forwarded to you, you can order this service from Svensk Adressändring. Bear in mind that there can be a large number of companies and organisations that may need to be informed of your change of address. These can include newspapers you subscribe to (please note that daily newspapers cannot be forwarded), car servicing companies, retail chains of which you are a member, associations, etc.

Everyone living in an apartment must be entered in the national population register at that address. The apartment number is part of your address and consists of four numbers, which denote on which floor your apartment is and where it is on that floor. You can find your apartment number on your contract, your post box or on the outer door once you have moved in.


How to collect your keys and tags

In connection with moving in, you’ll be able to book a time to pick up your keys at your local management office or at your new apartment. You will be provided with information about exactly how the keys will be handed over. If the date on which the contract comes into force is at the weekend or on a public holiday, the moving-in date will be the next working day. It is not permitted to receive keys directly from the previous tenant.

When you collect the keys, you must take a valid form of ID with you (driving licence or passport).

If a proxy is collecting the keys for you

If someone other than you is collecting the keys for your apartment, you need to fill in a power of attorney in advance. 

Your proxy need to bring following to the key pick up appointment:

  • The power of attorney in its original version
  • The proxy’s ID (driving licence or passport)
  • A copy of your ID (driving licence or passport)

Power of attorney for collection of keys via proxy

Please note information about where you may park

Where and how you can park your car/trailer/truck when moving in varies between different residential areas. You will receive information about this from your local management office in connection with your signing the contract, before the moving-in date or when the keys are handed over.

Go through the apartment before you move in

Before moving your furniture and belongings in, we recommend that you go through the apartment carefully and document any damage there might be. If damage is not documented in the inspection record from the final inspection, which was conducted in connection with the previous tenant moving out, there is a risk that you may be liable for compensation for this damage when you move out in the future. Feel free to take photos for your own records, but only send them to us on request.


Take care to create a safe, pleasant environment for yourself and your neighbours

In an apartment block, you always have neighbours all around you. People are different and lead different lives. It’s important that you respect your neighbours and are aware that all of you together contribute to a good community. It is therefore important that you read and comply with Balder’s House Rules.

By being careful and applying common sense, you can prevent much damage in the home, while at the same time enhancing safety for both yourself and your neighbours. We recommend that you study our tips for creating a safe living environment.

How to arrange your name sign on the door

We make sure that your name is on the name board in the stairwell and on the door. If for some reason this has not been done on your moving-in date when you have received the keys, please contact Customer Service.

What to do if you need to report a fault

If something is not working as it should in your home or premises, you can submit a maintenance request. Cases are dealt with Monday–Friday, and we contact you as soon as possible. All cases are dealt with in sequence by our property caretakers, with the exception of urgent cases, which are always given priority. 

Do you need extra storage space?

In some of our residential areas, it is possible to rent an additional storage room. Contact customer service for more information.

Contact Customer Service

Contribute to a good community

In an apartment block, you always have neighbours all around you. People are different and lead different lives. It’s important that you respect your neighbours and are aware that all of you together contribute to a good community.

Balder's House Rules