Balder's goal is to maintain a culture characterized by openness and to be a long-term, responsible actor with high business ethics.

It is important to us that irregularities and misconduct are noticed and investigated as early as possible. That could, for example, be issues concerning financial crime, abuse of position, serious harassment, corruption, environmental breaches or the like.

We urge everyone; both employees, customers, suppliers and other partners, to speak up in case of suspected violations of the code of conduct or other policies.

In case of suspected violation

There are several ways to report violations and also the option to report completely anonymously via our external whistleblower service at Qnister. Balder does not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone who has reported a suspected violation in good faith.

You can report in the following ways:

  • Fill out the web form on  https://whistle.qnister.com/balder
  • Leave your report by phone on +46 363300740
  • Book a personal meeting with an independent contact person at Qnister on +46 363300741