According to the tenancy law, you have the right to sublet your apartment for an agreed-upon period if the landlord has given consent. At Balder, we grant permission for it if you have significant reasons for subletting. As the primary tenant, you are allowed to sublet the apartment if you have significant reasons for doing so. You apply for subletting by filling out our subletting form and submitting it to us. Illegal subletting may result in the loss of your lease. The processing time for the application is 4-6 weeks.

In your application to sublet the apartment, you must explain why you wish to let the apartment. Examples of acceptable reasons for subletting include:

  • temporary accommodation due to age or illness
  • trial period of cohabitation. We usually approve subletting for a maximum of 1 year, including the period of notice (usually 3 months).
  • studies or temporary work elsewhere. Please note that the location should be further away than may be considered normal commuting distance (approx. 80–100 km), and the travel time should be more than 1.5 hours a day, each way.

When the subletting arrangement expires, as direct tenant you must move back into the apartment. If you do not intend to move back, notice must be served to vacate the apartment.

If subletting takes place without our consent or permission as landlord, the rental apartment is forfeited and we can, under the Swedish Tenancy Act, terminate the agreement prematurely. It is also not permitted to sublet the apartment during a period of notice.

Can I let out my rental apartment via Airbnb?

No, we do not approve subletting via Airbnb or similar for short-term lets.

What do I need to bear in mind when looking for someone who wants to sublet my apartment?

As the direct tenant, you should perform the following checks on the person to whom you want to sublet:

  • Find out the sub-tenant’s work situation and income.
  • Contact the Swedish Enforcement Authority and check that there are no records of non-payment.
  • Check references from the employer and/or other sources of information.

It is very important that you sign an agreement between you, as direct tenant, and your sub-tenant. Bear in mind that you, as direct tenant, are responsible for the apartment, the rent and other obligations under the rental agreement, both financial and legal, throughout the term of the lease. If any damage or significantly increased wear were to occur during the subletting arrangement, you are responsible as direct tenant.

The subletting arrangement must also cause no inconvenience to us as landlord or to other residents, for example in the form of disruption or people appearing in the building who are unknown to your neighbours, damage to the property or increased wear in the apartment.

What are the rules for rent in a subletting arrangement?

If the apartment is let unfurnished, you may not charge any more in rent than is stated in your direct rental contract, i.e. what you yourself pay to the landlord, Balder.

If you let the apartment with furniture and other equipment, you may add a maximum of 15% to the rent that you yourself are paying.

It is important that you inform your sub-tenant that it will not be possible to take over the apartment after you.

What happens if I decide to serve notice to vacate the apartment while I am subletting it?

If you give notice to vacate an apartment that is being sublet, either you or the sub-tenant must show the apartment to a prospective tenant. It is therefore important that you agree which of you will show people round during the period of notice. Your name, phone number and email address stated on the letter of notice will be passed on to prospective tenants to view the apartment.

I live in a condominium – what are the rules when it comes to subletting?

If you live in a condominium and want to sublet your apartment, you should contact the Board of Directors of your association. If the tenant-owner association does not have a Board of Directors, your application must be approved by the temporary Board of Directors. Please contact Customer Service if you do not know how to contact the temporary Board of Directors.


Illegal subletting means that the tenant does not reside in the apartment, but others live in the apartment without permission from the landlord. If you sublet without permission or at an excessively high rent, you risk the lease being terminated, as the tenancy rights are considered forfeited, and the landlord is entitled to terminate the agreement prematurely.

Report suspected illegal subletting to us!

If you suspect that someone is subletting one of Balder's apartments illegally, we would appreciate it if you could inform us by filling out our form via the link below. You can remain anonymous, and your tip helps us in our efforts to prevent the subletting from continuing.

Form for reporting illegal subletting tips

What happens if I illegally sublet my apartment?

In addition to the landlord's right to terminate the lease without notice, those who sublet their apartment without permission at an excessively high rent or engage in contract trading may be fined or sentenced to imprisonment for up to four years. The new legal provisions aim to counteract unauthorized subletting and make it more difficult for illegal trading. In 2019, the tenancy law was amended, and the penalties were increased for those who sublet their apartment without permission or engage in contract trading.

Why does Balder want to prevent illegal subletting?

To ensure that you, as a tenant, can feel secure in your residence and know who your neighbors are, we actively and systematically work to prevent illegal subletting. We aim to provide you, as a tenant, with a safe living environment.


Letting space to a lodger means that you let part of the apartment, e.g. a room, to someone while you are still living there yourself. It is permitted to have a lodger in your apartment without our permission at Balder, on the condition that it does not cause any inconvenience to us as landlord.

Bear in mind:

  • To be allowed to take in a lodger, it is a requirement that the apartment is your permanent residence or that you use the apartment as a necessary supplement to your accommodation (2–3 days a week or 80–100 days a year). If your lodger uses the apartment independently, and also has their own key, this is deemed to be a subletting arrangement, which requires permission from us at Balder.
  • If you charge too much in rent, you risk losing your rental apartment.
  • When you have a lodger, you are still responsible as the direct tenant for the apartment and everyone who spends time in it. If any damage or significantly increased wear were to occur, you are responsible as the direct tenant.