Most of our properties are tied to a single fixed broadband/TV provider. This may be Telia or Bahnhof. If you are unsure which operator is connected to your house, you can search for your address at You can also contact Customer Service or your property manager to find out more.

If you have internet/TV problems

If you have problems with the Internet/TV, you should primarily contact your provider's customer service. Unfortunately, Balder's customer service cannot answer questions concerning problems with the Internet/TV. Often there is also current operational information on your provider's website where you can see if something is wrong in your area right now.

How to get your router

If you live in a house with Telia as your provider, the router will be sent by post.  

If you live in a Bahnhof building, your router should be in your apartment when you move in. If this is not the case, please visit your local management office to pick up a router. Don't forget to bring your ID when picking it up. If someone other than the person on the contract is picking up the router, it is important that they bring both IDs.