Our local management offices and property caretakers are responsible for taking care of the external environment around the building, but you and all other tenants can also contribute to the communal living environment. So make sure you take good care of equipment, flower beds, barbecue areas and other things that are communal. This contributes to well-being and safety in the residential area. If you discover something that isn’t working, please submit a maintenance request.  

Please note that other information than that stated on this page may apply in your particular residential area. Contact Customer Service if you are unsure. 

5 tips for a more pleasant community

  • Take good care of the property – the costs of all repairs are paid by you indirectly through your rent.
  • Only dispose of rubbish and waste in the designated place.
  • Follow the parking instructions and drive with care in or next to the inner courtyard.
  • Do not leave entrance doors open so that unauthorised persons can enter the building.
  • Avoid smoking in the courtyard, on the balcony or in any other communal space.

Learn more about Balder’s House Rules.


Activities and events

It’s important to us that you are happy in your area. This is why we organise various activities for tenants at regular intervals. These might be, for example, safety patrols, information meetings or activities for children and young people. Keep an eye out for information in the stairwell or in your letterbox.

Barbecue area

For reasons of fire safety, and out of consideration for your neighbours, it is only permitted to barbecue in the communal barbecue area in the courtyard, if there is one. It is not permitted to barbecue on a balcony or patio.

Bike room and bike parking

Your bike should be parked in the bike room or in a bike stand outdoors. Ask your caretaker if you need help to find the right solution in your particular residential area.

We undertake bike clearance rounds at regular intervals to get rid of any abandoned bikes. We do of course inform you of this in advance.

If your bike is stolen, unfortunately we at Balder are unable to help, so you must report the theft to the police and your insurance company.


It is not permitted to attach anything to property’s external façade. Nor is it permitted to install a satellite dish.

Laundry room and drying room

Many of our buildings have a communal laundry room with an associated drying room or drying cabinet. This is where you can both book laundry times and find user instructions for the machines.

Bear in mind:

  • Mats must not be washed in the laundry room, as this can damage the washing machines and tumble driers.
  • Leave the laundry room as you yourself would wish to find it.

Read more about the rules and cleaning routines for your laundry room here.


To prevent accidents, it is forbidden to drive cars, motorcycles, or mopeds on the residential area's sidewalks. Cars should be parked in designated areas, and mopeds should be walked within the residential area.

Pests and vermin

If you discover pests, small creatures or other vermin in a communal area (e.g. laundry room, attic, basement or waste room), you are obliged to submit a maintenance rquest immediately to us at Balder.

We recommend that you submit a digital fault report via our Mitt Balder customer portal. The case will then be sent directly to Anticimex.

If you find out that pests have caused damage to any of your items or belongings, for example a sweater, please contact your insurance company.

You can visit the Anticimex website to identify and find out more about the various pests that exist.

Pram store

Most of our properties have a special store for prams and pushchairs. If your property does not have one, ask your caretaker about the best place to leave your pram. If there is no special place for prams, they must be stored in the apartment.

Prams may not be left inside the main entrance, in the stairwell or in the basement passage. Items left in communal areas can fill the stairwell with smoke if they catch fire, and they can also form an obstacle in the event of an evacuation.

Rubbish, scrap, waste and recycling

Rubbish and waste must be sorted in all our residential areas. There are instructions on how to sort your waste next to the waste containers. Feel free to ask your caretaker for assistance with sorting waste, or contact Customer Service for advice.

Never leave waste bags or other waste outside the waste disposal room or on the floor. This attracts rats, reduces well-being and causes extra work for our caretakers. If our caretakers need to take care of rubbish that has not been discarded in the correct place, the tenant responsible will be billed.

Bear in mind:

  • The brown paper bags for food waste must not be placed in a plastic bag.
  • Large cartons must be flattened or left at the nearest recycling station.

Bulky waste

Furniture and other items of bulky waste must not be left in the waste disposal rooms, but must be transported to a recycling station. In some of our residential areas, however, there is the facility to leave bulky waste in a specially designated place. We sometimes also organise a container where you can leave large items of waste. Please talk to your property manager or caretaker if you want to find out what the rules are in your residential area.

Recycling centre

You can leave most kinds of rubbish and bulky waste at recycling centres, e.g. furniture, paint, electrical waste, hazardous waste, etc. You can find your nearest recycling centre on your municipality’s website.


Smoking is not permitted in the property’s communal areas, and you should show consideration to your neighbours in all respects if you smoke in your apartment. If your apartment needs to be treated for smoke odour/discolouration when you move out, you will be liable for the damage.


The stairwell is a space that you share with your neighbours. Only you and your visitors are allowed in there. Be aware of the volume – the stairwell often has hard surfaces, which cause echoes and noise to be perceived as being louder.

Unobstructed passages in the entrance and stairwell can be crucial if there is a fire. You must therefore not store any belongings in the stairwell or other communal areas. All objects create an increased risk of fire, obstruct evacuation routes and restrict accessibility for the emergency services in the event of danger. Prams and bikes must be stored in the relevant store, the apartment or other designated space. The doormat must be placed inside the door to the apartment, not in the stairwell.