To be able to swap from one rental apartment to another rental apartment, you need our permission as landlord. We will usually allow this if you, as tenant, have justified reasons for the swap and if it can be done without significant inconvenience for us as landlord. To be able to swap apartments, you must have been living in the apartment for at least one year.

We do not have an internal swap system at Balder, so you will have to find someone yourself who is interested in swapping apartments with you. The easiest way to do this is via various apartment swap websites.

Once you have found someone who is interested in a swap, fill in our application form for an apartment swap and submit it to us by post or email.

Postal address: Fastighets AB Balder, Box 53 121, 400 15 Göteborg

Email: kundservice@balder.se

Good to know

Together with the application, the person with whom you want to swap must attach personal ID, employer’s certificate including payroll data/pension statement, study certificate/unemployment benefit statement and a copy of their current rental contract.

The processing time is 4–8 weeks, sometimes a little longer, and processing takes place in consultation with the other party’s landlord.

Together with the application, a solemn declaration must be signed by both parties. We follow the Rent Tribunal’s current practice and strive to promote a healthy, honest housing market. This means, for example, that we do not approve swaps in connection with purchases of condominiums or private houses.

Once everything has been approved between the property owners, an inspection of the apartment takes place. All that remains then is to sign the contract. Your serving of notice in connection with the apartment swap was already signed by you in connection with the application, so you do not need to come into the office again.


If for some reason you no longer need your apartment, you can transfer it to someone with whom you are living permanently and have/had a shared household. A written request and a description of the long-term cohabitation arrangement must be submitted to us.

The apartment must have been used jointly by both of you, and as a rule you must have lived together for at least three years. The person who will be taking over the apartment must also comply with our letting policy.

Fill in our application form for transferring a rental apartment and submit it to us by post or email.

Postal address: Fastighets AB Balder, Box 53 121, 400 15 Göteborg

Email: kundservice@balder.se

Bear in mind that if you transfer your apartment without our consent, there is a risk that your contract will be terminated.