We've embarked on a very exciting journey since the start in 2005. Our hope is that the upcoming years will be equally exciting, instructive, and eventful.


The project Botanik in Växjö is awarded Building of the Year. In Gothenburg, construction commences on Bohusgatan and there is a grand opening for Hotel Draken. Balder's ESG risk rating is updated to 12.3.  A property management organisation is established in Finland.



Karlatornet becomes the highest building in the Nordics. Plans for Link40 are presented. Groundbreaking ceremonies are held, for example in GoCo Health Innovation City and for a production facility in Stockholm. A share split and a direct share issue are also conducted.



Acquires Norwegian industrial property company Asset Buyout Partners (ABP) with real estate assets located in business-critical energy and maritime clusters. Continues to acquire shares in Entra, owns approx. 30% of the share at year-end.


Expands in Norway by acquiring 50% of Anthon Eiendom AS and 18% of the shares in Entra ASA. In Sweden we acquire 50% of the shares in Karlatornet AB through a structural transaction with Serneke, Masmästaren and 1/3 of Next Step Group.


Early in the year, the company’s first acquisition in London is carried out, which is complemented with a further acquisition later in the year. Balder also issues its first green bonds. 


Through the acquisition of seven hotel properties in Germany, Balder enters the German market. Balder acquires 49% of the associated company Sinoma Property AB.


Balder issues EUR 1,850 million in the European bond market and carries out the redemption of 10,000,000 preference shares. All properties in Arboga, Falköping, Köping and Tranås are divested at a property value of approx. SEK 2 billion.


Balder continues to broaden its property holdings in the Nordic region and acquires its first property in Norway. In Sweden, Balder acquires a portfolio of retail properties from Anders Hedin Invest AB at a value of SEK 4.2 billion. 


Balder acquires 53% of SATO Oyj, which owns 23,000 apartments in Finland at a value of about SEK 26 billion. 


Balder acquires 14 hotel properties and thereby becomes one of Sweden largest hotel property owners. 


Balder acquires Bovista Invest AB, which gives the company 4,300 apartments at a value of about SEK 2 billion.  


Balder acquires a residential area in Österbro in central Copenhagen.  


Balder acquires 25 retail properties from Catena AB for the newly established company Fastighets AB Centur. Half of the shares in Centur are sold on to Peab. 


During the year, acquisition of 31 properties and divestment of 18 properties takes place. The number of shareholders increases by more than 50 per cent during the year and amounts to approximately 4,900 at year-end. 


Balder acquires Din Bostad Sverige AB and invests in wind turbines.  


Balder acquires ten properties and divests nine properties. 


Balder refines its real estate holdings through the sale of 29 industrial and warehouse properties to Corem Property Group AB, where Balder becomes a major owner.


Balder establishes offices and expands its operations in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.


In the same year that Balder is established, the company acquires 21 properties and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.