Annual General Meeting in Fastighets AB Balder (publ)

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The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Fastighets AB Balder (publ) was held on 3 May 2024 in Gothenburg. The AGM resolved in accordance with all the submitted proposals of the Board of Directors and the Nomination Committee.

The English text is an unauthorized translation solely for convenience purposes. In case of inconsistencies between the Swedish and the English text, the Swedish text shall prevail.

Christina Rogestam, Chairman of the Board, opened the AGM and was elected Chairman of the meeting.

Balder’s CEO, Erik Selin, reported on the company´s operations during 2023.

The income statement and the balance sheet as well as the consolidated income statement and the consolidated balance sheet for 2023 were adopted. The board members and the CEO were discharged from liability for their administration.

The AGM resolved that the shareholders shall not obtain any dividend.

The meeting resolved that the Board of Directors shall consist of five members and re-elected Erik Selin, Fredrik Svensson, Sten Dunér and Anders Wennergren and new election of Carin Kindbom. Sten Dunér was elected as chair of the Board of Directors.

The AGM resolved a fixed director´s fee in the total of SEK 635 000 to be paid and distributed as follows: SEK 230 000 to the chairman of the Board of Directors and SEK 135 000 to each of the other board members elected by the AGM and who are not employed by the Company. The meeting resolved that auditor’s fees shall be paid against approved account.

The meeting resolved the proposed instructions for the Nomination Committee. In summary, the Company shall have a Nomination Committee consisting of one member for each of the four largest shareholders. The elected members of the Nomination Committee shall be announced not later than six months prior to the AGM.

The AGM resolved to approve the Board of Directors' remuneration report.

The meeting resolved to authorise the board during the period until the next annual general meeting, on one or more occasions, with or without the preferential rights of the shareholders, to have the power to resolve on a new issue of Class B shares, warrants, or convertibles vesting the right to subscribed for or convert to shares of Class B. The Board of Directors cannot, by virtue of authorization, resolve to issue shares, warrants or convertibles that together correspond to more than 10% of all shares in the company.

Furthermore, the AGM resolved to authorise the board, during the period until the next annual general meeting, on one or more occasions, to acquire its own Class B shares. The company may not acquire its own shares to the extent that the company´s holding of its own shares following the acquisition would exceed one-tenth of all shares in the company. In addition, the board was authorised during the period until the next annual general meeting, on one or more occasions, to sell all shares of Class B or part of all shares Class B that the company holds at each point in time.

Complete proposals regarding the AGM's decisions as above are available at

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