Letter of intent signed for observation deck and two penthouse apartments in Karlatornet

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Karlatornet AB and the event & hospitality group Bottaccio have signed a letter of intent regarding the letting of the observation deck in Karlatornet. The letter of intent also includes the sale of the two remaining penthouse apartments at the top of the tower. Bottaccio intends to conduct visitor-, event-and restaurant business in the premises.

Bottaccio is an event & hospitality group based in London which operates on an international arena. They conduct operations in their own premises in London, Milan, Florence, Rome and Madrid and arrange major international events around the world. Karlatornet at Lindholmen in Gothenburg will now become the next address for the company’s business.

That is the meaning of the letter of intent which has now been signed with Karlatornet AB, a joint venture between Serneke and Fastighets AB Balder. The letter of intent means that the parties shall formalise an agreement for a 20-year lease for the two floors in Karlatornet (floors 68 and 69) which are intended for use as an observation deck including restaurant operations with public access. The lease also includes premises intended for use as entrance areas, among other things, in the lower floors of the tower. The total floor space provisionally amounts to 1,900 square metres.

In addition, the letter of intent includes a transfer agreement for two penthouse apartments at the top of the tower on floors 71 - 73. The two apartments will be used by Bottaccio for their event business.

The agreed base rent is SEK 35 million per year for the premises, with the possibility of turnover rent. The total property value for the two penthouse apartments amounts to SEK 129 million.

“In the past year, we have discussed a possible transaction with Bottaccio, a company which has experience of these kinds of facilities, and we feel that this is a party with which we would like to create a future together with in Karlatornet. Of course it is extra nice that an internationally recognised player in the industry wants to be involved in creating an attractive visitor destination in Karlatornet. This provides the basis for a kind of experience that will be really unique, both for Gothenburgers and for all visitors from outside,” says Ola Serneke, CEO Serneke Invest.

“We are very happy and proud that we can be part of the development that is taking place in Karlastaden. There is strong interest among our international customers in Gothenburg, a city that offers a range of exciting experiences. We now see great opportunities to provide further attractions by creating something really good in Karlatornet. This is a further milestone for Bottaccio in our expansion in interesting cities and countries. We have a strong belief in Gothenburg,” says Joseph D’Anna, Chairman of the Board of Bottaccio Group.

The observation deck, which is planned to contain a viewing platform, restaurant and sky bar, and space for events at the top of the tower is expected to be ready for visitors by the summer of 2024.

The real estate broker ESNY and Niklas Berntzon has acted as the broker for the letter of intent for the two penthouse apartments.

Photo: Ola Serneke, Emelie V. Edberg and Joseph D’Anna from Bottaccio at the top of Karlatornet.

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