The construction of Framtidens Backaplan has begun

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Today, the starting shot was fired for Framtidens Backaplan, one of Gothenburg’s largest urban development projects. First to start construction is Skandia Fastigheter, which was also first in line when the property companies behind the major investment, including Balder, invited guests to a joint celebration of the construction start of the new district.

“There has long been talk of linking the city across the water and it feels really great that the groundbreaking ceremony has now taken place. At Balder, we are proud of being part of the development and to realise Framtidens Backaplan together with the City of Gothenburg and other property owners. Today, we are delighted with Skandia Fastigheter, which is first to start construction, and we are really looking forward to the day when we will start construction of our own blocks,” says Erik Selin, CEO of Balder.

The consortium behind the major investment Framtidens Backaplan is composed of Fastighets AB Balder, KF Fastigheter, Riksbyggen and Skandia Fastigheter. The goal is a completely new district with 7,000 apartments and 140,000 sqm of premises, a broad range of commercial activities and service functions such as schools, care facilities and culture between Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen, Brunnsbo and Hildedal.

First to start construction is Skandia Fastigheter, which through the blocks at Leråkersmotet, is starting the journey towards the new dense, vibrant and green mixed-use district at Hisingen.

“We will start by providing the district with 420 rental apartments, attractive commercial activities and a mobility house,” says Åke Pettersson CEO of Skandia Fastigheter. We will make the energy supply completely fossil free through a geo-solar system, which is an example of the companies’ shared vision on sustainability in Framtidens Backaplan. 

Balder is working on a number of building plans in different parts and phases of Framtidens Backaplan. Overall, the plans include more than 2,000 apartments in mixed forms of tenure and approximately 50,000 sqm of commercial floor space, including offices. Balder’s first project will be Deltahuset – a 19-storey skyscraper with office space, where construction will start in 2023 if everything goes according to plan. In the case of Balder’s residential blocks, the company is aiming for the first construction start during 2024.

For further information, please contact:
Eva Jonasson, Media relations Balder, tel. +46 (0)31-10 79 44
Katarina Noré, Marketing & Communications manager Skandia Fastigheter, tel. +46 (0)8-573 655 90
Mikael Ahlén, Market area manager Riksbyggen, tel. +46 (0)31-704 68 63
Helena Liljedahl, CEO KF Fastigheter, tel. +46 (0)10-743 44 65

Photo: Helena Liljedahl at KF Fastigheter, Åke Pettersson at Skandia Fastigheter, Henrik Kant at the City of Gothenburg, Mikael Ahlén at Riksbyggen and Erik Selin at Balder during the event for Framtidens Backaplan.

Framtidens Backaplan North of the river, a completely new part of Gothenburg’s new centre is taking shape. A dynamic mixed-use district with a varied range of housing and offices, commercial activities and services, culture, restaurants, cafés and parks. A lively district, which shall be open to all and that puts people in focus – with access to activities and meeting places, green areas and proximity to the water. Framtidens Backaplan is a part of Vision Älvstaden, with the goal of strengthening the city centre and linking the city across the river. Visit for more information.