We work according to a rental policy to promote a well-functioning and fair process for all applicants.

All Balder's apartments are advertised on HomeQ. To be qualified for an apartment, you must be registered on HomeQ and meet our basic requirements.

Basic requirements

The applicant(s) should be atleast eighteen years old

The applicant(s) should have a fixed income that can be verified with a certificate or a document. The assessment of the income is based on the guidelines of the Swedish Consumer Agency which state that about a third of the gross income should go to rent. Fixed income includes the following:

  • Income through permanent employment or employment until further notice
  • Income through own business activity
  • Retirement pension
  • Grants from the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) are accepted in the case of student accommodation

A credit check is carried out on all applicants who register an interest. The credit check must show that you have clean payment records.

In order to prevent unhealthy living conditions, there is a recommendation on how many people may live in an apartment.

  • Studio, max. 2 people
  • 1 bedroom, max. three people
  • 2 bedrooms, max. five people
  • 3 bedrooms max. six people
  • 4 bedrooms or larger, max. eight people

The number of people refers to adults and children.